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. 1. White Cherry brings a sweet, juicy, uplifting aroma to the blend, adding a touch of freshness and playfulness.

2. Sandalwood contributes a warm, creamy, rich, woody scent with subtle hints of sweetness and spice. It brings depth and a grounding element to the fragrance.

3. Carnation adds a spicy, floral, and sophisticated touch to the blend, with hints of clove-like undertones that enhance the overall complexity of the fragrance.

Together, these three elements create a harmonious scent that is sweet and spicy, fruity and woody, uplifting and grounding. The combination may evoke joy, warmth, elegance, and sensuality. The blend is likely intriguing, sophisticated, and versatile, suitable for various products such as perfumes, candles, and body care items.

100% Soy wax

Natural fragrant oil

Cotton wick

Blooming rose

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